Seeding the Year: Setting Intentions with the Symbolic Language of Astrology 2023 is the fifth annual version of this much beloved project.

One of the most obvious ways this workbook is unique is that it leans on the language of astrology (and the tarot) to support you with your intentions. As we study the light patterns of the planets and how they dance together, astrology offers a language framework for the study of the celestial cycles. These cycles are analogous to those we see in nature: biological growth processes. 

We can see this aspect of astrology reflected in the growth of plants through the seasons. Seeding the Year leans into both the celestial metaphors of signs and planets as well the rich, loamy metaphors of horticulture.

Seeding the Year is also different from traditional New Year’s Resolutions frameworks in that it posits that our unconscious AND the Universe are both deeply unimpressed with comparative, externally-motivated forms of goal-setting. Our hunch is that when we abandon our resolutions – what we might think of as self-sabotage – it’s really just our unconscious colluding with the Universe to stop us from engaging so unkindly with ourselves!