A loveletter to the stars, in podcast form.

97. The Fives and The Fool
Feeling into how the frequency of The Fool can support us in moments and life experiences that feel uncomfortable, clenched, and don't-like. The Fives in the tarot are known as "hard cards" in the sense that they feel like scarcity in the body. In this episode, I share how The Fool guides me toward the Sixes (more easeful, likable energies), and helps me trust in discomfort as part of my aliveness. We can never know what's next in the story. Click Here to submit your application to Vulture Coven, which begins Sept 23 at the equinox. DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, SEPT 22! Vulture Coven is a small-group mentorship space for magical people growing their business and practice. Together we'll grow capacity…

96. Living the F**k Out of Your Chart with Samar Jade
This iteration of the Living the F**k Out of Your Chart series dropped into a profound space, more like a reading than a conversation. Samar Jade is a Capricorn Rising, Capricorn Sun, and Cancer Moon, with Mars conjunct Pluto (and South Node!) in Scorpio. That's a powerful invitation. As in all LTFOOYC explorations, what we're going for here is an opportunity to draw up connections between the chart's data and the felt experience of a human being. It's always an honor and a privilege to hold that level of intimacy, and it's also a lot of fun. Whether you're a chart lover or brand new to astrology, you will find resonances here to open your heart, lift your spirit, and…

95. The Moon in the Chart
In this episode, I share about the Moon in astrology and in the chart. I share an old saying I wrote in my journal once: Show me your Moon and I'll show you your story for safety. I don't actually do it like that in the reading space, but I do connect the Moon placement to stories, habits, patterns, and needs for safety and security, for love and validation. These are pretty important motivators, which are often under the surface of our awareness because they are so tied to the past. Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions. LEARN ABOUT MOON TO MOON THE CLASS HERE!⁠ Enrollment ends the night of September 10. The required text for the…

94. Witch: Getting Close to the Word
I've been wanting to talk about the word Witch for a long time time now. It's a word that is not neutral. This is a word that knows violence. This is a word that knows silencing. This is a word that knows projection. It's a slippery word one that resists description, definition, and even etymology. It belongs to the realm of the unlanguable: to mystery, to intuition, to magic. I wanted to have this conversation in my podcast because it might be safer for folks to get close to it if they don't have to put their name or their money down to engage with it. My desire is to do any small bit of clearing distortion that I can.…

93. Trusting the Moonlit Path with Rebecca Padgett
Welcome to this magical conversation with my friend and collaborator Rebecca Padgett. Rebecca is an artist, astrologer, psychic, and medium who is co-facilitating my upcoming course Moon to Moon. We talk about intuition, embracing uncertainty, and learning to trust in cycles, including death. From September 11 - November 20, our upcoming course Moon to Moon is a 9-week transformational intensive to deprogram from harmful conditioning, unlearn patterns of self-abandonment, repair from repeated breaches in self-trust, protect the present moment from your inner child’s fear of it, and become unwavering to your truth in the face of invalidation. Rebecca will be leading the 6 Wednesday meetups, which will focus on skills building and practices for dilating access to your intuition and psychic…

92. Living the Questions: August 2023
The 5 listener questions I live into this episode:  1 - Could you share guidance, wisdom sharing, ramblings, etc. on your experiences as a to magical academic? 2- Astrologers are so mean to Saturn. What's your take on Saturn?  3- Could you recommend some good sources for someone looking to get started learning about astrology?  4- How do you deal with resentment towards parents?  5- What advice would you give someone wanting to start a podcast? What would you like to go back and tell yourself before you got started? Resources mentioned: - My Living the Signs & Moon to Moon workbooks - Visionary Activist Astrology by Caroline W. Casey - Astrology for Yourself by Demetra George & Douglas Bloch…

91. But What If It Isn't Bullshit?: A Conversation with Matt Bull in Honor of Venus Retrograde
I bring you this episode in honor of Venus Retrograde in Leo from July 22 to September 3, 2023. The first part of the episode is a conversation with my boyfriend Matt Bull. The last Venus Retrograde literally broke us, and then Venus walked with us through a radical repair process that has been nurturing our love since. We talk about the ways mystical "bullshit" has supported us as individuals and as a couple. The most bullshit framework of all helped us the most: Twin Flames. It's deeply embarrassing to admit, but it's true. By fully committing to exploring the responsibility of being twin flames, we nurtured repair and healed in ways I don't know we would have experienced if…

90. Becoming a Person of Evidence: A Dark Moon Download
Welcome to another dark moon download. I have found it to be true that expanding who we are out in the world has a to do with expanding our capacity to be with what comes up in our inner world as we face the evidence of our lives. From an emotional perspective, most evidence is "failure," and a lot of the reason we hold back or "stay small" has to do with protecting ourselves from evidence we don't want to see. So to become a person of evidence means to become someone with the courage and self-trust to be with whatever comes up in the present moment. In this dark moon episode, I share how this idea of becoming a…

89. Living the Questions: A New M2M Series
The title of this new series is inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke's passage from Letters to a Young Poet: "Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.” In this new M2M series, which will be monthly or every other month, I want to respond to the questions on your…

88. The Magic at the Margin with Nick Kepley
It's my honor and joy to share this rich, sincere, probing conversation Nick Kepley of In Search of Tarot podcast. I saw that Nick was constellating a virtual conference this June 4-28 called Meet Me at The Margin and I felt an immediate impulse to have them come on Moon to Moon to talk about it. My dream is for this experience to find its way to those who long for it. Meet Me at The Margin is a month-long virtual conference for queer people who want to reclaim and re-story their innate capacity for ambiguity, paradox, and liminality. Through a series of eight workshops facilitated by some of today’s most Marginal thinkers, participants explore queerness through the lenses of tarot,…

Like A Door Opening
"I found this podcast after purchasing Britten’s Moon to Moon workbook—which, truthfully, I did not complete because I felt completely overwhelmed by its thoroughness and depth! lol In search of further knowledge on astrology, I began listening and became quickly captivated by the content. I love everything about this podcast: the conversational style (infectious..." laughs and long sighs), the accessibility of the subject (not an easy language to learn), the interesting guests, and, of course, astrology itself. As Britten’s relationship with astrology has evolved, so too, has my base knowledge, my particular interests, and my vision of what astrology can bring to my life and future. I highly recommend this podcast!
Gabby Portu
ExXtly what you need even if you didn’t realize!
"Britten is such a powerful teacher, learner, translator, spirit-attender, and all around ‘wildly alive’ being that we are blessed to have in this universe. Communing with her energy is a spacious, expansive opportunity to grow into your best possible self and find ways to pass along that gooey goodness trough everything you do. Check out her amazing offerings and..." keep listening. The community she’s fomenting is beyond magickal.
Clarity, Integrity
"A year into listening to Britten’s podcasts, I continue to be deeply moved by her astrological intuition and the bright light she shines on how we can best serve our personal emergence. In a world that’s increasingly overfull with information, I am a very selective listener of podcasts — choosing them wisely, carefully and infrequently because my relationship to..." content is a strict boundary I wish to honor and protect. Britten’s podcasts offer a piercing clarity and integrity that stands out from the exhaustive din. Each and every podcast of Britten’s that I’ve ever listened to has left me feeling more full, exhilarated, supported and aware of how I want to be, how I want to continue to attune to my own emergence.
Like A Door Opening
"Britten La Rue’s Moon to Moon is THE podcast for anyone astrologically curious or already familiar. She is super knowledgeable and appropriately intuitive. I especially love that she shares notable dates and house locations of transits. She makes suggestions about what areas of our personal lives we might be aware of (or beware of) considering the path of the..." planets, sun and moon. Personally, I have experienced validation and clarity since paying attention to my astrological chart and listening to this podcast regularly. I feel like Britten has helped guide me through challenges and gifted me with a sense of ease and faith, even. It’s been beneficial to revisit past moments and note patterns so I can move forward feeling like I know what to expect in terms of my mood, challenges, and productivity. I feel confident that her podcast will help you to move forward and go deeper, too. Another thing you might appreciate about Britten is that she doesn’t take herself super seriously. She’s serious - she has a vast database of information inside of her because she has put in the work intellectually - but she doesn’t declare she’s right. She’s humble and empathetic and curious. She talks about the dark things, and sheds light on them. She pays so much attention to words and definitions making sure there’s space for all of it. And she laughs often!