A loveletter to the stars, in podcast form.

117. All About Promo Magic
In this episode, I share all about my relationship to Promo Magic. I LOVE PROMO! And I am often told I help you to reimagine what a relationship to promo can be like. In the episode we discuss my process, which you're encouraged as always to amend to your taste and affinity... - how I write promo to my younger self - how I do not withhold material ever and let all the goodies spill out everywhere because I trust I am a fountain and there's always so much more to share inside the containers I promote - how I trust that all timing is perfect and I don't get to decide everything about my promos - how I see…

116. My Modality is Me: Claiming Yourself as the Channel for Your Magic
Sometimes people go to astrologers because they want astrology. They don't care who the person is who is reading for them. That's beautiful. AND I have found it to be true that the real medicine that is coming through is not the modality itself, but rather the unique way it moves through the human being channeling it. It's not about "expertise." It's about presence. And emergence. In this way, whatever you call yourself, whatever particular set of modalities you tap into with reverence, whatever it is you're offering - what's really happening is the love that rolls through you in your sincere connection to your channel that you share with another being. This is so beautiful, and such an unlearning.…

115. Remembering Your Gifts with Multidimensional Channeler Mary Grisey
At every level of my being, I am so excited to share this conversation with the wonderful and marvelously gifted Mary Grisey. Mary is a psychic medium, multidimensional channeler and visual artist based in Los Angeles, California. I am Mary's former student, client, and soon-to-be mentee as I bravely go deeper in understanding my gifts as a multidimensional channeler. In our conversation, Mary shared her story of becoming the woman who widely shares her gifts in the world. We talk about the anxieties of being an evidential medium, and how being a medium is a healing practice in itself as it helps you release your human desire to always be right. We talk about consciousness and the soul, and how…

114. The Sacred Sandbox
This episode has two parts. In the first 36 minutes, I explore the dialectical relationships between order & play, structure & freedom, self-guidance & community. Inspired by Lily Troia's dazzling image of The Magician's Table is a "sacred sandbox," I riff on how I landed into a channeled pedagogical style inspired by Montessori teachings and the 8 of Pentacles. The second half of the episode features an effervescent and playful conversation with TMT alums Erin Kelley & Lily Troia aka Lily of the Valley. Erin and Lily have both been in TMT twice. Not only do they know each other because they were in the same cohort one year, but - as we discuss - TMT has a way of…

113. My Medicine is Malefic: A Dark Moon Download
The truth of this has been coming in from every direction this last month as we move through these signs of Saturn. I have found it to be true that most of my community is full of humans craving more trust in expressing their malefic medicine. In this episode, I talk first about what I mean by this title. Then we explore the ways we have been conditioned to mistrust malefic expression. The bottom line: we are here to be as specific as possible in who we are, and it's not possible to do this without the support of the malefics. I hope you enjoy this episode! I would love to receive your review and rating if you appreciate M2M.…

112. Transformation Is Possible
It's not only possible. It's inevitable. It's what we're here to do. But sometimes it can feel so hard to trust in possibilities. Sometimes it can feel like we'll always be struggling with the thing we're struggling with today. What I've learned as a transformational coach and mentor is that transformation is gooey, messy, contracting, and scary... for reasons that are intelligent and beautiful. In this episode, I talk about transformation a bit in the intro, sharing some wisdom I've learned about it for myself and from holding space for others in one-on-one and group containers. Then I share a conversation on transformation with four Magicians from The Magician's Table 2023. Welcoming here: Samar Jade tarot reader, shadow holder, @ensoulment.doula…

111. Living the F**k Out of Your Chart with Lisa Quigley of The Glitch Witch
My guest for #111 is Aquarius Sun / Aquarius Rising Lisa Quigley aka The Glitch Witch. We explore the Aquarius invitation across her life as well as how it shows up in her creative process and her fascination with rock gods. Lisa is one of those deeply sincere, passionate, and open-hearted humans I admire for their utter commitment to their channel. Lisa Quigley is a visionary writer, quantum hypnotist, psychic channeler, and intergalactic witch. She's a heretical mystic who practices Glitch Witchery, and she is here to support all the other Glitch Witches across the globe who are ready to remember who they are and claim their “glitches” as their most intentional, magnetic power. The Glitch Witch podcastPortals & Prisms (substack)ELECTRIC PORTALS, a free email course…

110. Who is The Magician's Table?: Announcing the 2024 13th Readers
To inaugurate this season's The Magician's Table promo pathway, I invited this years THREE 13th Readers to go to their channels with a weird question "Who is The Magician's Table?" In our conversation, they share what came through for each of them. It's so rich. ANNOUNCING THIS YEAR'S 13TH READERS! In the order I met them: Erin Kelley (she/her), Nicole France-Coe (she/they), and Samar Jade (they/them). In the 20-minute intro, I share how I came to meet each of these wondrously magical beings and I share their glorious bios. You can connect to each via the following links: ERIN: slowmagick.com, @slow.magick, and The Nature of Invisible Things on Substack NICOLE: @nicolefrancecoe SAMAR: ensoulmentdoula, @ensoulmentdoula, and Letting Chiron Sing podcast +++ Explore our 2024 Magician's…

109. Living the Questions: Aquarius Edition
This is the second of the sign-by-sign version of my series Living the Questions. My dream is to offer some magical questions to live into and to catalyze you across this Aquarius season. My dream is to support you in talking to, engaging with, and listening to the part of you that is Aquarius. I loved making this for you! Let me know how it landed and how it integrates as you simmer with its invitations. Topics: ~ how to build a community ~ attuning to your unique frequency ~ the dichotomy of community/solitude in the Aquarian invitation ~ the Part of Fortune ~ the 11th House To go deeper in connecting to your inner Aquarius, join us in Unshaming…

108. Your Power is at the Edges of Your Permission: A Dark Moon Download
Well, this is surely my most openly mystical episode, as I continue to reveal how woo I am. That feels vulnerable but I live what I speak about. Both my mysticism and my eroticism are becoming more openly central to my work and I am here for it. In the episode I reference the work of psychic mediums Mary Grisey and Rebecca Padgett. I cannot be more fervent in encouraging M2M listeners to enroll in the Seeding the Year teachings. This has my latest edges of permission and you will feel so deeply resourced by them! It also includes Unshaming the Signs: Capricorn July 11 and The Procrastinator's Bonus January 19 on Unshaming Procrastination. If you intend to purchase my…

Like A Door Opening
"I found this podcast after purchasing Britten’s Moon to Moon workbook—which, truthfully, I did not complete because I felt completely overwhelmed by its thoroughness and depth! lol In search of further knowledge on astrology, I began listening and became quickly captivated by the content. I love everything about this podcast: the conversational style (infectious..." laughs and long sighs), the accessibility of the subject (not an easy language to learn), the interesting guests, and, of course, astrology itself. As Britten’s relationship with astrology has evolved, so too, has my base knowledge, my particular interests, and my vision of what astrology can bring to my life and future. I highly recommend this podcast!
Gabby Portu
ExXtly what you need even if you didn’t realize!
"Britten is such a powerful teacher, learner, translator, spirit-attender, and all around ‘wildly alive’ being that we are blessed to have in this universe. Communing with her energy is a spacious, expansive opportunity to grow into your best possible self and find ways to pass along that gooey goodness trough everything you do. Check out her amazing offerings and..." keep listening. The community she’s fomenting is beyond magickal.
Clarity, Integrity
"A year into listening to Britten’s podcasts, I continue to be deeply moved by her astrological intuition and the bright light she shines on how we can best serve our personal emergence. In a world that’s increasingly overfull with information, I am a very selective listener of podcasts — choosing them wisely, carefully and infrequently because my relationship to..." content is a strict boundary I wish to honor and protect. Britten’s podcasts offer a piercing clarity and integrity that stands out from the exhaustive din. Each and every podcast of Britten’s that I’ve ever listened to has left me feeling more full, exhilarated, supported and aware of how I want to be, how I want to continue to attune to my own emergence.
Like A Door Opening
"Britten La Rue’s Moon to Moon is THE podcast for anyone astrologically curious or already familiar. She is super knowledgeable and appropriately intuitive. I especially love that she shares notable dates and house locations of transits. She makes suggestions about what areas of our personal lives we might be aware of (or beware of) considering the path of the..." planets, sun and moon. Personally, I have experienced validation and clarity since paying attention to my astrological chart and listening to this podcast regularly. I feel like Britten has helped guide me through challenges and gifted me with a sense of ease and faith, even. It’s been beneficial to revisit past moments and note patterns so I can move forward feeling like I know what to expect in terms of my mood, challenges, and productivity. I feel confident that her podcast will help you to move forward and go deeper, too. Another thing you might appreciate about Britten is that she doesn’t take herself super seriously. She’s serious - she has a vast database of information inside of her because she has put in the work intellectually - but she doesn’t declare she’s right. She’s humble and empathetic and curious. She talks about the dark things, and sheds light on them. She pays so much attention to words and definitions making sure there’s space for all of it. And she laughs often!