A loveletter to the stars, in podcast form.

107. Honoring 2023
Sharing some channeled wisdom for you here at the end of 2023 as well as one of the Honoring 2023 teachings from Seeding the Year 2024. I want everyone to have this, whether or not you have capacity for Seeding the Year right now. Learn about Seeding the Year at the course page. Go straight to enrollment in Seeding the Year. Unshaming the Signs: Capricorn only. Reminder: Today (Dec 31) is the last day to apply for The Magician's Table 2024 and receive the Super Early Bird bonus gifts. +++ Podcast art Angela George. Podcast music Jonathan Koe.

106. A Light in the Dark: Living the Capricorn Questions
I am fountain of words for the Sagittarius to Capricorn pass-off known as the winter solstice. In this episode, I invite us into the Capricorn questions to live into across the weeks ahead. My dream for this is to set the energy to the heart of Capricorn so you can feel it and know it and bring it into your own field where it will light you up along the way. This episode was a joy to create! Let me know how it landed for you. To apply this wisdom to your relationship to Time at the start of the New Year, I invite you to register for Seeding the Year 2024. For only $124, you receive over 9 hours…

105. Introducing Living Astrology
My first published book! In this episode I read passages from Living Astrology for the first time. Oof it felt so incredible and real and raw. I am so very proud to share this with you! Throw your name in for a chance to win a 90-minute reading with me when you send me your pre-order! Pre-order from Bookshop. Pre-order from Barnes & Noble. Pre-order from Amazon. I just completed my session with the November winner. It was so sweet and special. I feel so good about offering these in exchange for your support. The mutual generosity makes my heart sing. Send your receipt to info@brittenlarue.com by midnight on December 15 for the next drawing. No need to send again…

104. Redefining Girl Boss with Jo Miller
What a glorious honor to spend time with Jo! @joannamiller_healing is one of my favorite feeds in Instagram. When I saw Jo's recent post on redefining the Boss Babe / Girl Boss archetype to peel back to a more embodied connection to authentic power, I asked her to hop on zoom with me for a M2M conversation on the topic. Thank you for playing with me so last minute, Jo! I love that Aries Moon! Jo's bio: Jo is from a long line of heart led working class folk in the north of England, she currently resides by the blue green sea along the Kentish coast with her beloved cats. Jo's passion is working with fellow big hearted creatives, visionaries, therapists and…

103. Here for Revolutions Not Resolutions
This episode is all about Time. It's about Saturn. Capricorn. And a radical reframe of our relationship to the turn of the Gregorian wheel. I just love this one so much. I hope you do, too. In the episode, I mentioned the wondrous astrologer Erin Kelley. +++ Learn more about Seeding the Year - early bird pricing ends December 10! Register for Unshaming Vagittarius aka Unshaming Sagittarius Register for Unshaming Capricorn (included in Seeding the Year Gift one of my workbooks for astrology friends and moon lovers +++ Podcast music Jonathan Koe. Podcast art Angela George.

102. Living the Questions: 4 that I'm living to
The first is pretty spicy: "Am I in danger of being culty?" I don't mean an actual cult leader of a high control group. I mean a cult of personality who gets pedestalized and has a lot of power in their circles. Lots of these people exist. We all know them. As someone totally new to "having a community," I have grappled with not wanting to be cringy or creepy or gross or toxic... while still unshaming the enjoyment in having impact so that it's not a weird desire that hides from me. I thoughts on this, and I find them meaningful. Second question: "What if I am full of shit?" lol this is a series question. Third: What would…

101. Paradox is the Pathway: A Dark Moon Download
Words coming through for you. Sending lots of love. Thank you for listening! Register for Unshaming Sag on Nov 30. +++ Podcast music Jonathan Koe. Podcast art Angela George.

100. Here I Am
It's been 100 episodes since "Fear is Not the Frequency" came out on March 15, 2020. The whole experience reflects a practice I call "Here I Am," which I started doing for myself to soften my trauma responses on "keeping it all together." In times of heightened grief, rage, and paradigm shifts, the "Here I Am" feels incredibly supportive, even radical. This is a yummy one, I can tell. Enjoy! JOIN ME IN CAVE SPACE! +++ Podcast music Jonathan Koe. Podcast art Angela George.

99. Taking Response-ability for Our Mars with Jonathan Koe
Jonathan Koe is a beloved and welcome guest at Moon to Moon. Not only is Jonathan M2M's most featured guest, they created the podcast music! Many of you already know Jonathan as my teaching collaborator. Perhaps you found me through them! From January 2021 until just recently, we have worked on back to back projects together. When Jonathan announced their first offering as a solo space holder, I could feel the potency of their connection to this offering in my bones, and I wanted to get a taste of it here with you on M2M. The topic is Mars, and Mars always creates a spicy space of honesty. I'm here for it! THIS IS A DIRECTNESS PRACTICE! (See ep 76.)…

98. The Audacity to Want More: A Dark Moon Download
It's been a while since I offered one of these. Felt so yummy. Sending love and compassion to all humans and all non-humans. JOIN ME IN THE CAVE for Cave Space across Scorpio Season! Let us make space for story, ceremony, ritual, skills-building, and discussion on Underworld themes. 6 live meetups, including Unshaming the Signs: Scorpio! Learn more about Cave Space at the course page. We begin October 26 through November 21. Recordings available for all meetups. +++ Podcast art Angela George. Podcast music Jonathan Koe.

Like A Door Opening
"I found this podcast after purchasing Britten’s Moon to Moon workbook—which, truthfully, I did not complete because I felt completely overwhelmed by its thoroughness and depth! lol In search of further knowledge on astrology, I began listening and became quickly captivated by the content. I love everything about this podcast: the conversational style (infectious..." laughs and long sighs), the accessibility of the subject (not an easy language to learn), the interesting guests, and, of course, astrology itself. As Britten’s relationship with astrology has evolved, so too, has my base knowledge, my particular interests, and my vision of what astrology can bring to my life and future. I highly recommend this podcast!
Gabby Portu
ExXtly what you need even if you didn’t realize!
"Britten is such a powerful teacher, learner, translator, spirit-attender, and all around ‘wildly alive’ being that we are blessed to have in this universe. Communing with her energy is a spacious, expansive opportunity to grow into your best possible self and find ways to pass along that gooey goodness trough everything you do. Check out her amazing offerings and..." keep listening. The community she’s fomenting is beyond magickal.
Clarity, Integrity
"A year into listening to Britten’s podcasts, I continue to be deeply moved by her astrological intuition and the bright light she shines on how we can best serve our personal emergence. In a world that’s increasingly overfull with information, I am a very selective listener of podcasts — choosing them wisely, carefully and infrequently because my relationship to..." content is a strict boundary I wish to honor and protect. Britten’s podcasts offer a piercing clarity and integrity that stands out from the exhaustive din. Each and every podcast of Britten’s that I’ve ever listened to has left me feeling more full, exhilarated, supported and aware of how I want to be, how I want to continue to attune to my own emergence.
Like A Door Opening
"Britten La Rue’s Moon to Moon is THE podcast for anyone astrologically curious or already familiar. She is super knowledgeable and appropriately intuitive. I especially love that she shares notable dates and house locations of transits. She makes suggestions about what areas of our personal lives we might be aware of (or beware of) considering the path of the..." planets, sun and moon. Personally, I have experienced validation and clarity since paying attention to my astrological chart and listening to this podcast regularly. I feel like Britten has helped guide me through challenges and gifted me with a sense of ease and faith, even. It’s been beneficial to revisit past moments and note patterns so I can move forward feeling like I know what to expect in terms of my mood, challenges, and productivity. I feel confident that her podcast will help you to move forward and go deeper, too. Another thing you might appreciate about Britten is that she doesn’t take herself super seriously. She’s serious - she has a vast database of information inside of her because she has put in the work intellectually - but she doesn’t declare she’s right. She’s humble and empathetic and curious. She talks about the dark things, and sheds light on them. She pays so much attention to words and definitions making sure there’s space for all of it. And she laughs often!