• Emergence Astrology Year One

  • Underdog to Diva

  • unshaming the signs

    For self-healers
  • moon to moon

    For those called to the Moon
  • Cave Space

    For those called to the Underworld
  • The Magician’s Table

    For emerging readers
  • seeding the year 2024

Emergence Astrology Year One

Summer Solstice 2024 to Summer Solstice 2025

For the first time since the summer of 2022, I am opening doors to a year-long astrology learning container. The first of a brand new 3-year series, Emergence Astrology Year One is not your usual Astrology 101. The first 9 months will be a hermitage phase. This is an invitation to welcome the mystical experience of astrology as an outreach program from the cosmos. You will be learning to open and receive direct personal gnosis and build secure relational attachments with each of the 7 traditional planets. The final 3 months will be carried out salon-style in small group cohorts capped at 12 and facilitated by a TA from my community who I trust. These gatherings are for personal storytelling and deep connecting.

Underdog to Diva


Underdog to Diva is Britten’s mystical coaching container for relating to money, success, and fame as a multidimensional being made by and for love.

There are two options: 1-on-1 mentorship, which is available year-round, or her new group coaching container, which starts May 23. Doors close May 19.

unshaming the signs

Monthly Meetups

Unshaming the Signs is a radical new approach to the zodiac. Unshaming the Signs invites you to witness the shame that lives in the part of you that is each sign so that you can transmute that shame into love. To unshame is to flower where you were previously closed shut. To unshame is to soften where you were previously clenched. To unshame is to emerge where you were previously concealed. You are all 12 signs. Each sign is a portal to help you access, awaken, and adore every part of you. From an Emergence Astrology perspective, any sign within you that is rejected, ignored, or ceded to other people is a part of you that is grieving for your conscious attention and love. As such, the invitation is to participate in all workshops. This is not Sun-Moon-Rising astrology. Your Big 3 are not relevant to this project. Thank you for experimenting with me. Thank you for your brave Yes.

A monthly 2-hour transmission & teaching
"Britten brings incredible insight to the shame we carry, for just being, for taking up space, for any number of emotions we feel. Her unique lens opens the door to our own truths, allowing healing to begin. Highly recommend Unshaming the Signs.” - Melinda 

moon to moon

Next Up: Fall 2024

Moon to Moon is a deep inner journey to clear the debris of unhelpful conditioning and reveal the depths of your inner knowing. Named after Britten’s podcast, Moon to Moon the course will catalyze the healing and remembering you crave in order to access more of your wild presence. This is a learning container with very tangible outcomes and goals. Britten and her co-facilitator Rebecca Padgett will be teaching you skills and practices to help you connect to your intuition and psychic awareness as well as tools for healing your relationship to time, fear, and shame. Ultimately, what really emerges here will be an expanded channel to your own fiery magic.

A life-changing experience to illuminate the path of the inner voice

Cave Space

Next Up: Scorpio Season 2024

Cave Space is a 4-week offering across Scorpio season for those turned on by my astro-mystical approach to transmuting shadow, shame, and trauma into love and aliveness.

The spirit of Cave Space is to cultivate the bravery, self-trust, and wise skills you want to have if you’re ready to call back the parts of you that fragmented off since childhood as you experienced lack of attunement from caregivers, shaming, trauma, narcissism, and other forms of overpowering, over-controlling, and overwhelm that conditioned you to hide and repress any parts of your beautiful self.

"This was my first foray into any kind of esoteric learning space, and I’m so glad I didn’t let my neophyte trepidation hold me back. The way Britten uses the language of astrology as a tool for confronting the hidden, unloved aspects of ourselves is exactly what I didn’t know I was coming for. She’s a skilled guide who not only knows her stuff, but also is herself an example of how to live more fully in light by embracing the darkness." - M. B. 

The Magician’s Table

Next Cohort: Spring 2025

This is one of my core offerings. It’s a 3-month container for personal growth, community connection, and practice growing one’s tools as an intuitive and magical practitioner. The Magician’s Table is an application-only containers with 3 circles of 12 participants. The original idea grew from a vision. The Magician’s Table is, quite simply, my darling.

Across three months, participants explore their emergence process through weekly circle fellowship, guided lessons, workshop partnering, daily practices, and extensive resources.

A workshop circle for emerging readers.
The Magician's Table is a momentum. An experience. An invitation to allow oneself to meet and step into the highest expression of their skills. It's a collision. A movement. A trajectory. A coven. A community of kindred spirits. A metamorphosis.” - Megan Frye, 2021 participant Joining TMT I had a pretty unconventional and not-fully-formed idea of the magical offering I wanted to bring into the world. The Magician’s Table container gave me 12 “customers” inside a supportive space to experiment, be messy, refine, and ultimately bring my idea to life. I would not have been able to accomplished so much in such a short period of time if it wasn’t for the joy & accountability of my fellow magicians. - Jaclyn Skeans, the Peach Bungalow The Magician’s Table was a transformational experience for me; Britten LaRue, Mariola Rosario, and the beautiful group of magicians really helped reflect my natural talents back to me. I entered as an astrologer and tarot reader, and thought I’d be working within those modalities but the group instead were drawn to different skills I had been quietly working on, and I finished my time at The Magician’s Table focusing on my intuitive psychic readings. It really helped me reconnect to my old artistic self and gain the confidence to begin to offer sessions to clients to help them find clarity and create their own magical practices. - anonymous  The Magician's Table is a beautiful container with something for everyone, seriously jam-packed with incredible resources and information. But what I loved most was the community that formed. Britten is talented at bringing unique and brilliant folks together in a beautifully supportive space, several of whom I now call friends. Through this process, I also learned so much about myself! Not only who I am as an astrologer but also my personal life too. 10/10. Don't sleep on this! - Erin Kelley TMT is a compassionate and life changing witnessing of your own coming into power. This witnessing is a sacred rite performed for yourself as an act of radical self love and liberation, while being held by the kind hearts of those in your cohort. It is a claim to your tools and an unveiling of the magical being you always knew was there. You do not need TMT to do any of these things, but having the group there, to hold space for you, as you move through this process is an invaluable gift. It is also a space to put these tools into use, practice, experiment, expand, contract, marvel at your brilliance and exchange with others on similar path’s. - Mariola Rosario Paris, France Ig: @mariola_rosario The Magician's Table, above all, empowered me to tend my inner Reader and to cultivate the growth of my unique vision from seed to sprout; to witness its bloom and receive its harvest. The connections made through the uplifting community of my fellow magic-makers are lifelong and constellating. My experience with this offering gifted me the fortitude to hold my Hermit lantern high for all to see, and I am infinitely grateful." - Rosie Cole  “The Magician’s Table is much more than just a course. It’s a journey, and a rite of passage for those wanting not only to develop their skills in readership, but to deepen the connection between their personal practice and their presence in connection and community.  TMT guided me into a more intimate knowing of my inner resources and tools. It provided me with a safe and exciting place to practice my tarot reading skills and receive constructive and supportive feedback. I have been continually blown away by the magic and wisdom of my peers and the ecosystem of support we created together.  I have undoubtedly grown by leaps and bounds throughout the duration of TMT. I am leaving as a different person than the one who first entered this course. The practices Britten shares, the discoveries I have made about myself, and the richness of the interpersonal interactions I have experienced through this time have opened me into new horizons of being and relating that I know may only expand from here. This feels like only the beginning of a much longer learning process, and the materials Britten has graced us wlth will continue to be of value of me in the months and years to come.  I cannot recommend TMT highly enough if you feel you are on the threshold of transformation and are ready to see new possibilities for yourself in your path as a reader and magic-maker!” - Art Heals Earth creator Megan Reich, Minnesota “The Magician's Table was the rite of passage I needed to step into my wildest, most authentic purpose. This experience changed my life, as I encountered deep and unexpected transformations in my work, my relationships, my sense of community, my magical practice, my identities, and my capacity to claim and embody my roles as a reader, artist, space holder, and mystic. The tools I learned and the connections I made in this space are lifetime gifts. TMT taught me how to show up fiercely and bravely in loving community and to acknowledge and embody the wisdom and tools I carry within. I emerged from this chrysalis transformed, inspired, and ready to share my creative powers with the world!” - Mallory Dowd, Seoul, South Korea  “I really really really believe in what you have created with The Magician’s Table. It’s a work of humanist art, a living breathing word and idea garden.” - Magda S.  “The Magician's Table course was a recalibration of who I understand myself to be. Because of TMT, I trust myself and I know I belong. Sure, I understood this on some intellectual level. I was aware I have tools and skills. But the experience we shared solidified the truth in my bones--I am love and I AM a Magician! My life has been enriched in ever evolving ways. I am forever grateful to Britten LaRue for being our brave and wise guide. Her authenticity and fierce gentleness is exemplary, a model for what is possible when we listen and trust.” - Mary S., Maine “Thank you for this magic space, Britten. I’m healing in ways I didn’t even know I needed to. Ways that years of therapy didn’t even bring to the surface. There is something just so healing about the feeling of coming home to yourself, and this what just one week of committing to this journey has given me. It’s truly magical.” - Alicia F. “The Magician's Table was a life-changing experience. On a practical level, it profoundly boosted my reading skills and my confidence. Exchanging weekly readings with 12 other talented, intuitive, committed readers within the integrity of this container helped me clearly locate the unique gifts I personally bring into my reading spaces. At the same time, we were able enrich our practices by learning from one another and trading behind-the-scenes insights. Although we were all primarily focused on our individual journeys, the friendship that grew in this space was unforgettable. Each participant within this intimate container displayed a genuine desire to witness each other grow personally and professionally.  As a facilitator, Britten's approach is deeply holistic. In the past, I've been resistant towards courses that are slightly more 'business-oriented,' simply because I tend to see the same disconnect between spirit and work I witnessed in corporate spaces replicated in those courses. That's not the case here. Britten brought her whole self, modeling what it looks like to build a professional practice with sincere reverence for our soul-level calling as its foundation. No tricks and gimmicks here, just plenty of nourishing practices you can adapt for yourself at different stages of your emergence as a worker in the spirit realm.  Don't take this course if you wish your practice to stay the same. It's a one-way ticket that will expand and challenge you in ways beyond your wildest imagination.” - Jonathan Koe, last year’s 13th Reader “My experience with The Magician’s Table was completely life changing. When I said yes to this container, I was already in a path of wild emergence, it felt foggy and gooey and also exhilarating. There was a lot of haziness, fear of the unknown, fear of what I was shedding and fear of what I was calling IN. Fear of my own power. I knew I was in some kind of threshold, in between fear and courage, between the past and some kind of magical future I could taste and feel but not see. In a way, I was already on my way to claiming/reclaiming a dormant cosmic warrior that was inside. But I was so afraid, to be myself, to be perceived as a fake, to be seen as too much. This experience, not a class, more of a journey if you ask me, helped me clear away the doubts, clear away the fuzziness of fear-based decision making and allow myself to witness what it would be like to fully embrace the tools I had been cultivating throughout my entire life. And so I did. I experienced many emotions as I rode this wave of emergence with my TMT companions. Fear, longing, exhilaration, jealousy, so much self doubt, complete emotional breakdown, explosions of confidence, lightning bolts of energy, mind expansion, heart expansion, meeting myself on the other side of the mirror for the first time, seeing these brooding plutonian eyes shed tears of compassion for myself, for my new friends, for the path we cannot see but that we know is at the other side of fear. Every single week was an act of alchemy. Every single week was an opportunity to compost and to come out stronger. What I learned in this container and the people that gave life to it is almost indescribable. I am different because of it, because of this experience. There was a lot of shedding that took place, I felt lighter, braver, more grounded, more myself. I also gained a family of friends and collaborators. The community that was created was one of the greatest treasures of this experience. I am forever grateful and proud of myself for saying yes.” - Mariola Rosario, Paris, France “Britten, you’ve given me the gift of Astrology, and shown me the magic of how Tarot and Astrology work so well together. This class was the impetus for me to do what I previously considered to be impossible. I will forever be grateful.” - Anne Marie, Dallas  “An absolutely amazing experience. I am still in awe of all that transpired. How do you encapsulate such a journey with mere words? Thank you all for bringing your magick to the table. I’ve learned so much from you and am forever grateful.” - Vespertine  “The Magician's Table is far more than an online classroom experience. It is a journey that one takes, into the depths of themselves as well as those sharing the experience with you. It's a lesson in connection and abundance. An experience that is certain to pivot the direction of your steps back onto your very own Yellow Brick Road, all the way back home to yourself.” - Kelsey B., Manitoba, CA “The Magician's Table provided me with an incredible group of like-minded creatives, passionate teachings from Britten, and the opportunity to better understand my own gifts. The weekly meetings were a sacred space full of passion, support, and learning from other's experiences. I would highly recommend the Magician's Table to anyone looking to expand their sense of self and embark on a journey with unique and inspiring individuals. I was hesitant to sign up because life was "too busy" and I am beyond grateful I put my personal needs first and went for it. I can't imagine having missed out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. If you're considering it, you should absolutely do it!” - Lauren M., Dallas, TX “The Magician’s Table was a life-altering experience! This was more than a workshop; it was a communal ritual of transformation and emergence. I came out of this chrysalis more resourced and inspired to offer up my creations to the world. Within this warm and generative space tended by wise and skillful co-leaders, I learned how to hold and be held in community and gained myriad tools and skills that will serve me as I move in the direction of my work in this world. I gained clarity and confidence in my gifts as a tarot reader and artist. I rediscovered my voice and gained the courage to start sharing it! The Magician’s Table was a rich, expansive, and surprising course that was worth far more than the cost of enrollment. I will forever cherish the lessons, the conversations, and the connections I experienced in this magical space. Thank you, Britten!” - Mallory Dowd “Britten is an astrologer who operates from her highest integrity. This is clear from the container that she created and the participants that constellated around her in The Magician's Table. I was initially nervous about joining TMT, thinking "who am I to join this space??" but, I am so glad that I listened to my "Yes". Our group's time together was a life changing experience of magic, kinship, self-exploration, and emergence. I am forever changed.” - J Skeans, San Antonio, TX "The Magician's Table is a momentum. An experience. An invitation to allow oneself to meet and step into the highest expression of their skills. It's a collision. A movement. A trajectory. A coven. A community of kindred spirits. A metamorphosis. I drop so many nouns here because I was thrilled at what I discovered week-to-week and day by day. I had no idea what to expect when I signed up. I knew it would be profound, but it ended up being a precipice that would define the next moves of my life, moves that I had not been clear on my capacity of making; moves that would lift me into the golden orb of beginning to joyfully live my deepest potentialities. It was a whirlpool of love and encouragement, catching the raging and cleansing waters of a cascade of information, of acceptance, of witnessing and being witnessed. Through working with Britten 1:1, in The Magician's Table, Soft Strength and now Charting Your Course, I am mesmerized, inspired and grateful for her ability to craft a curriculum. Within The Magician's Table, we were gifted a cauldron of mystical and practical ingredients that one needs in order to emerge as not only a professional reader, but a human who takes up space. I lovingly refer to Britten as "the content queen" because of her capacity to select, designate and nurture materials and information into something digestible, though at times still quite challenging, for her students. Britten's expertise at weaving a fabric of incredible resources that are obviously and not-so-obviously related to the topic at hand is a skill that I truly appreciate and have directly benefited from. Britten's capacity to not center herself, even amidst this masterpiece of a course, really helped us emerge with an even stronger shield to meet the world with our individual truths, vulnerabilities and strengths. The course paid for itself with the tremendous readings from my incomparable classmates; individuals whom I have become closely bonded with (I was not expecting or looking for this!) through the shared experience of opening up, giving and receiving. I watched each of these readers emerge as what I think most would consider professionals across the three months of the class. I am a better person for having received readings from them, for knowing them, and for having partaken in community with them. In terms of practicality, I learned a lot about running a business, about clients, boundaries and also experienced a safe space in which I knew my readings would be received by people who really wanted them. My business has expanded - I have expanded - and I am still processing, integrating and implementing the knowledge from this class months later. There is so much I could say about The Magician's Table, but I will end with this: It exceeded my expectations. I could not have expected anything, to be honest, because I do not think another course that is this complex, this complete, this diverse and this compelling exists covering this vast and magical range of material. When you step across the threshold of The Magician's Table, you step into a creative force field where you are taught how to trust in using the tools that you already have at your disposal, and where you will find infinitely more available for your use. I am emerging transformed." - Megan Frye, www.healingwavehypnosis.com 

seeding the year 2024

Seeding the Year is my annual teaching framework for engaging with Time at the Gregorian calendar shift.

This one’s for all the nerdy mystics out there who yearn to trust it’s possible to dream your reality into form. This is how I make shit happen. My Pisces Sun will take one hand and my Capricorn Moon will hold your other. I’m so exited to talk Time Magic with you!

In addition to 3 hours of pre-recorded teachings, prompts, and experiential meditations to support you, we meet for a live 4-hour workshop on January 5.