You are all 12 signs.

Going beyond the popular Sun-Moon-Rising astrology, this insightful guide inspires you to expand the possibilities of who you think you can be. Transformational astrologer Britten LaRue teaches you how to embrace the whole of the zodiac, with month-by-month invitations to connect with the part of yourself that is each sign.

For example, if you don’t have any major placements in Leo in your chart, you might assume that you don’t have any Leo qualities. But when you decide that you’re not a Leo, you deny yourself the play, the visibility, and the big-hearted leadership that the Leo inside of you craves. Living Astrology shows you how to coax your inner Leo forward during Leo season with exercises like a tarot spread for accessing courage, journaling prompts to court your inner drag queen, and a ritual for connecting to your lion’s heart under the New Moon.

All of the art and designs for Living Astrology were created by Angela George (pictured with Britten in the photo gallery), who also designed Britten’s workbooks. The book was released March 5, 2024, by Gibbs Smith.

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